Learning to breathe, managing the ups & downs

For freedom is of necessity, but it is not free. This is but a chapter.

Welcome! ^.^ ~my lj stuff
Thanks for coming along! (o:
I'm looking to meet more friends.
My LJ is not "friends only."
But some of my entries are, so if you want to view them,
then send me a friend request and
comment here letting me know to add you & some info about yourself. ^.^ Thanks!!

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Hello friends.
I wanted to post here to say "hi;" to be in touch. I hope that life is going good. I appreciate your companionship. ^.^

^.^ I am so excited that this week is going well, I'm enjoying it… And, at the moment, that is really all of my update.… But, I hope you are doing good! Be safe.

Gaming [=
I like Fable 2 (& Xbox & Xbox 360). So I play it & various other 360 games. I would like to play Fable 3, even though I've heard it's not as good, but I don't have it available. On my 1st/main 360 profile, I mostly completed Fable 2, & did almost everything that you could do in it. But I still wanted to play it (& I have much of nothing left to do on it), so I made a 2nd/backup 360 profile. (I didn't/don't want to erase my progress on my main profile, & that took a lot of work.) So that is what I have been working on lately: playing Fable 2 on my 2nd Xbox 360 profile. Is anyone else a Fable 2 fan & what do you think about Fable 3? Also, how is Fable 3 as compared to Fable 2; what are your preferences & the game differences?

I like adventure-style games, & games that also include/involve your interaction with a storyline/ the plot of the game. I like Fantasy games, too, and going on quests. So, it's no surprise that I like Zelda, WoW, Fable 2, etc. ;-)

I miss a lot of games, too: Zelda, World of Warcraft (WoW), the Mario games (Super Mario Brothers, Mario 64), Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, etc. I miss some others that I don't remember the names of, they were on Sega Genesis & Sega Saturn gaming platforms. I also miss RuneScape a little bit. And I miss SecondLife, & Starcraft too. Batman: Arkham Asylum (…I think that's the name of it) is a good game too, and I miss that one too. :(

What are your favorite games? Do you know of any other games that you think I would like?

Hotties (beautiful women) NSFW o:-)
I am so bad, tsk tsk. :p o:-) So I've been looking up inspirational bodies (fitness levels), and of course I keep coming across hotties. So I am going to be naughty and post some pictures of some beautiful women. [If you comment keep it respectful. ;] ) …I don't know who all of these women are/their names, only some of them.

Some random info: I am not very familiar with Kim Kardashian as a person. But, I must say that, physically/visually, she is one of the very most beautiful women I have ever seen, down to every part of her physical appearance! Lol she can always wow me with her looks! …But, I've never even met her, so who knows if she has the personality & character to match?…

Anyways, here's some pics that I found online of some gorgeous women! ;-) I mean no disrespect to these women, I admire their beauty!

Kim Kardashian picsCollapse )

Wow, can you say Collapse )

some more cuties ^.^Collapse )

Maybe some more pictures later? ^.~


I really love this picture; I find it beautiful, serene, adventurous, romantic, sweet, & fun… just to name a few. It also makes me feel connected with my deep desire to travel the entire world. I would like to visit places like the one in this photo, it looks interesting.

This picture is of the beautiful actress/super model Olga Kurylenko.

Enjoy. ^.^

I can feel it ("intuition")!… ugh!
Do you ever get those feelings where you know something is just not right? (And, you may or may not know what those feelings are in reference to. I often do.)
Do you ever get those [deep] "gut" feelings about something, and you know (without a doubt) that what you're feeling is fact? Yeah well, I do, always have, & I have honestly always been right about it too! Have you ever experienced any of that? I get those feelings a lot, because I'm pretty in tune, somehow.

…Ugh, something's not right, I can feel it!…
(I have *never* been wrong about these feelings [in all of my life]!!!)

Writer's Block: An intimate portrait
If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?
"Trying to Survive Unimaginable Torture" (a looooong series of books)

About Me: Picture Collage
-Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search (
-Using ONLY the first page, pick an image.
-Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Mosaic Maker. ( hp).
-Save the image and post it!
1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I love this, it is wonderful & expressive idea! <3 You should try it too! ;-] Enjoy!

Glam Goth ^.^ / goth glam
So, I have just discovered the name of a particular type of look/fashion/style that I really like & have liked for a lonnnnnng while! (Yay! ^.^ ) It is called "Glam Goth" or "Glamor Gothic" or "Goth Glam" or "Gothic Glamor." …I don't like evvverything in that category, just like you're not going to like evey single shirt or shoe that is made in yor favorite color, or with a certain decade or style in mind!… But so yeah, Glam Goth style rocks (& most of the makeup too)!!!! <3
Do you like Glam Goth? What styles do you like? I like several styles! ^.^
I actually don't dress like this very often, & i like it on the less extreme side of things. I also like to incorporate color (bold colors, jewel tones, earth tones, etc).
I put some pictures below of some of the Glam Goth that I like. ^.^ Enjoy! (On the collages, I like most of it, but everything.
(**I don't own any of the pictures.) Some may be NSFW or minors. pics under cut, click hereCollapse )

my sexual orientation / kinsey scale ~may elaborate more later
So has anyone ever heard of the Kinsey Scale? Well, it measures "how [much, aka %]" you are gay, or bi, or hetero, or some level in between those natural orientations. Here's the Wikipedia article on it.
Below is the chart. I am a 5 (or more like 5 1/2, or more, just shy of # 6), elaborated more below.

So that makes me about 99% lesbian & the rest bisexual. So as a summary, and quite obviously just shy of that 100% (complete homosexuality), I count myself lesbian.
So there is that faint 1/2 # (me being about 5.5/6 lesbian, explained on the Kinsey scale)!… Whenever I give that tiny, fractional .5 amount (of bisexuality) a chance, it gets drastically overpowered by my extreme lesbianism! So, I don't tend to act on or desire (or even have a desire of) anything about being with a man. And I never, ever stop being someone who (on sooooo many levels) is attracted to women! ::*I elaborate on this more in the next entry. The link is here (But, that one is more personal & therefore a "friends only" post. So you'll have to add me to read it.
Comment on this entry to let me know you would like to read my follow-up post on this matter.

meet friends (LJ add me) & update / about me
So, to be honest, Friday (28th) was rough! Really, 2011 has been one of the most difficult years to handle, although some of the events of previous years far surpass this one (really bad)!… Believe it or not, although I have been expressing it in this journal, I don't tell really anybody most of the struggles that I tell you guys about. One of the reasons why, is because I don't want people to thing I am some negative person just looking for attention; that's not me at all! So, I use LJ as my outlet and as a way to express the different aspects of what goes on inside of me (mind, emotions, etc).…So, I am going to use this space to express that.

I would also like to find people on LJ to be LJ friends with… who kinda relate to me and to the various aspects of my past and my life. I don't want to live in the past, or dwell on the negative. But, I do want to find people who understand where I am coming from, and can relate to or kinda understand me.
I want to "meet" people who are positive, cheery, real (not superficial), realistic, & that sort of thing. Also, it would be great if we have things in common! :) *hint, hint* :p

So anyway, Saturday (29th) was better than Friday, thank God! It actually included some resolves (though still much to be worked on) and some really good times. So I am very grateful for that! Any good is something I appreciate, and the more the merrier too.

My phone wants to take command, weird!…
My phone has been doing weird things ever since I accidentally dropped it it in water (already been already a few months ago). Yeah it's been not functioning right & having problems, but this morning takes the cake totally! Around 4am (while I was sleeping), my phone called my LANDLORD… EIGHT times, without me knowing it! I have no idea how that happened! Ugh, that's terrible! Thankfully, though, she said that she is not mad at me, she just got concerned & hoped that I was ok. Whew, that is a relief, atleast. But, that really better never happen again, because that would make me quite upset!… It's a good thing it didn't piss her off, or that she didn't think it was some kind of emergency & send the cops and emergency services here! That would have made the situation so much more horrible! I am very perplexed, though! How could that have happened, especially while my phone was locked & not in my reach & while I was asleep?!?!


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