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Learning to breathe, managing the ups & downs

For freedom is of necessity, but it is not free. This is but a chapter.

Jaden x3 skye *

.; * , Jaden x3 skye , * ;.


VIEWING (journal):
Some of my entries are public. Some are friends only.
Read my journal for "rules" (it's not bad. [-; )
& more info about my journal. ~Add me!
Not everything is SFW, & I prefer you be 18+, esp. 21+.
My journal is a way for me to express myself,
& to vent about the things that I tend to bottle up.
Plus, a lot of times, it would be nice
if I would get some feedback.
Although, much of my journal is a collection of viewer-friendly topics,
several entries are not appropriate for minors.
Warning: life has not been easy, so sometimes I journal about that & things that I need to work on, etc.

+I am romantic, optimistic, determined,
outgoing yet other times like to have me time,
very honest, but private,
friendly & social, yet somewhat reserved.
+very caring but cautious to trusting
+I really want to make some new friends! ^.^
If you do too, then please add me &
comment on my journal to let me know.
+99% lesbian & the rest bisexual. I'm a lipgloss kind of beauty. ^.~
+M.W.A. …r.i.p. DISLIKES/ pet peeves & more</u>:
-smoking (of any kind): cigarettes, pot, etc.
-lies ("white" lies included)
-injustices, evilness


~I am 1% bisexual, 99% lesbian. I Am Real.~ 8-) ;-]

I like Second Life.

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